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September 23, 2020
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Fortnight fans are more open to Reddit social points than cryptocurrency supporters – Blocksats

Over 10,000 Reddit users have signed up to the platform rewards program. The whole project is based on technology Ethereum. As much as 75 percent of these participants are Fortnight players.

Fortnight fans want to fight for the Reddit Awards

Within a few days of launching the new Rinkeby test network, which concerns Reddit’s social points system, over 10,000 people have registered.

Reddit social points have now been implemented, however, only in two subforums of the portal, i.e. subreddits. These relate to the popular video game Fortnight (r / fortniteBR) and cryptocurrency (r / cryptocurrency). Surprisingly, however, the program met not so much with the interest of digital currency fans, but players. It turns out that 75 percent portfolios created so far in the test network is represented by the Fortnight community, not cryptocurrency.

At the time of writing, 8666 portfolios were created for r / fortnightBR and only 2,073 related to the r / cryptocurrency subforum.

A breakthrough for Ethereum

Coinbase Brian Armstrong believes that this implementation is a breakthrough in all technology. He adds that this is all the effect of the slow evolution and development of the cryptocurrency market.

– For all the people who asked me “where are the use cases?”, This is how it looks over the years. A lot of hard work of people, integration of cryptocurrencies with real products. Slow, gradual improvement of the situation, moving the ball one meter per day – there is no moment of a big explosion – he explained a few days ago. – – Finally, the internet has native currency. It works people! He added later.

Reddit plans to migrate the social points system to mainnet Ethereum, but only in a few months, more or less during the holidays. The exact dates are not yet known. It is known that ultimately Reddit plans to offer a points-based program cryptography its entire 450 million user community.

While many Ethereum users have welcomed the use of Reddit’s platform protocol as a likely catalyst for widespread adoption, others are concerned that social points may increase fee prices gas after system migration to the main network. Will we see that in a few months.

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