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April 13, 2021
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GamerCoin (GHX) enters Bithumb – the global TOP5 exchange according to CoinMarketCap –

Gamercoin, the new token of the creators of GamerHash, entered today one of the largest exchanges in the world – Bithumb. The first listing was on the GHX / BTC currency pair.

New tokens most often appear first on small exchanges, but GamerHash has set itself an ambitious goal, which it has successfully achieved. On the official Bithumb exchange website we can already read at this point about adding the GHX / BTC pair to the platform. But this is not the end. The GamerCoin listing is also accompanied by airdrop, in which active traders will receive a total of 6 million GHX tokens. For every 15,000 won (~ $ 13) in a transaction, you will receive 1 GHX. In this way, thousands of people will receive their first GamerCoins, which will positively affect the global interest in the new token. The scale of interest in the cryptocurrency market in Asia is shown, among others, by the fact that the price of many cryptocurrencies traded on Bithumb is even several percent higher than the global average.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the application GamerHash, available in desktop and mobile versions. The new token is already used for to reward users using the platform, so it is definitely worth joining this group.

News from GamerHash

Meanwhile, despite the listing, the GamerHash team is not slowing down – yesterday, information about the Counter-Strike: GO tournament appeared on the network, in which it aims to show the connections between the blockchain area and gaming interpenetrate. In addition to GamerHash players, the competition will be attended by teams representing well-known cryptocurrency projects in the gaming area, such as: ExeedMe, Duckyszne, PolkaLokr and BEPRO. Interestingly, the GamerHash team will be represented by, among others legendary Polish CounterStrike player Filip “NEO” Kubski, who has been the project adviser for some time.

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