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September 21, 2020
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GamerCoin – what makes the new GamerHash token stand out? | Blocksats

The global gaming market is growing every year. Lockdown, which negatively affected many branches of the economy, had a positive effect on the gaming industry. Companies from this segment recorded significant increases – both in terms of the number of users and profits. Today, this market, according to available data, is already worth nearly USD 200 billion. For now, nothing indicates that this trend will reverse. There are more and more players and e-entertainment amounts are steadily increasing.

In the blockchain area we will now find many projects that focus on the gaming segment. Unfortunately, there are few that give players real value. We have already seen many whitepapers written on the knee and websites, on which the creators promised golden mountains, and as a result they did not prove much. Even if the concept was interesting, there was no proper management and product that would give real usability.

However, it was different with the GamerHash project. At the beginning was the idea, planning and construction of the team. Then smooth transition to implementation. It paid off – nearly 500,000 registered users within 2 years of starting the business, speaks for itself.

Another start-up competitions won by the GamerHash project opened many doors for the creators. Investors became interested – both private and VC funds who believed in the project. The team showed that they have effectively used the new capital, expanding the platform with new functionalities and introducing it to new markets – to the delight of new users.

GamerCoin token

What made GamerHash stand out from other projects is definitely the more logical sequence of actions. He introduces his token – GamerCoin (currently available in the private sale phase) only when he already has a working platform and hundreds of thousands of registered users. This is definitely a large community for the new coin, compared to other concepts.

From the beginning, the GamerCoin token is to give users value in use. In addition to the fact that it will soon be introduced to global stock exchanges such as CoinDeal (and several others with which talks are underway), it will also allow breeders to pay for products and services in thousands of points belonging to the partner network. From the very beginning, unlike most tokens, GHX will have practical use. Users will have the choice whether they buy it on the stock exchange or earn on the GamerHash platform.

GamerCoin applications (GHX)

  1. Ordering products from the GamerHash store with an additional bonus. Purchases using GHX will provide users with the lowest prices possible or tokenback – return of tokens after purchase, up to 50%.
  2. Access to dedicated professions and events for GHX token holders.
  3. Holders of GamerCoin tokens will receive bonuses on the GamerHash platform (prizes, additional discounts, etc.

Users will be able to receive GHX tokens without buying them on the stock exchange, including through:

  1. Sharing unused computing power of your computers.
    An additional 20% bonus in GHX tokens will go to wallets integrated with the GamerHash ecosystem. Users will be able to withdraw or use them when shopping in the store. For example, every $ 10 kicked by the user is an additional $ 2 in GHX tokens.
  2. Activity on the GamerHash platform.
    Users can also receive rewards for performing simple tasks commissioned by partners on the Play & Earn platform.

GamerCoin - profit distribution

As we can see in the above graphic from the official materials of the GamerHash project, GamerCoin tokens will be allocated to both the development of the platform itself and new projects that will join the ecosystem. The creators of new solutions will be able to take advantage of the infrastructure created by the GamerHash team and implement their idea much more efficiently than they would do by acting alone. In this way, the GH platform will gain new functionalities that will attract new users, which will also translate into its global value. So we can safely say that this is a well thought out concept, working on a win-win basis.

GamerCoin token – the most important numbers

1 GHX = 0.01 USD
Total Supply = 880,000,000 GHX
Sale of tokens = 322,000,000 GHX (36.6% of total supply)
Hard cap = $ 2,800,000
Soft Cap = $ 1,150,000

GamerCoin in the private sale phase

We have one more solution. GamerCoin (GHX) token can be purchased in the current private sale phase directly from the creators of GamerHash. On the one hand, we will support the initiative, and on the other – we will get access to the token on preferred terms, which will soon appear on many stock exchanges and the whole world will hear about it. Only a few projects can boast of such a community as in the case of GHX. We leave the conclusions to you.

If you see this potential and would like to be the first to have GamerCoins in your portfolio, you can leave your contact here. The GamerHash team will contact each individual to arrange the details. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with Whitepaper project.

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