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September 27, 2020
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GamerHash emits a GamerCoin token! Why should you have it in your wallet? – Blocksats

We mentioned the GamerHash project in the pages Bitcoin.pl many times – for a reason, because hardly any company in the industry blockchain has made so many successes. Over 2.5 years of existence, the platform developed by the team from Poznań has gained over 500,000 users around the world. The next big step in the company’s development is token GamerCoin (GHX), currently available for pre-order, in the private sale phase. More about him later in the article. Let’s start by summarizing the foundations of the project.

Let’s recall the assumptions of the GamerHash project

Hundreds of thousands of GamerHash users’ computers connected to the network create decentralized supercomputer. His power is then made available, for remuneration that goes to the user’s account. For those who do not have the right equipment or do not want to share their computing power, on the platform there are tasks in games for which prizes in cryptocurrencies are also provided.

In exchange for their contribution to the development and maintenance of the project, users receive kryptowaluty. They can use them when shopping in many large retail chains, such as Allegro, Żabka or Biedronka. Thanks to them, you can also use a wide range of services, such as Netflix or Spotify.

Many platforms, many possibilities

GamerHash gives its users many opportunities to operate on their platform. We have a desktop application – available for Windows and mobile – in the version for Android and iOS.

GamerHash Team and Partners

The team is the strongest foundation of any project. The development of each enterprise depends on him. The GamerHash team proved that they can efficiently move from idea to action, the best proof of which are hundreds of thousands of users registered on the platform. Both the idea and implementation have been repeatedly appreciated during industry events. GamerHash triumphed in competitions during major events, such as BlockShow, Malta AI & Blockchain Summit or Miami Blockchain Week. Importantly, the GamerHash team are real people we can easily find, including in social media.


More information about the team can be found in the whitepaper and on the official one project website.

It is also worth paying attention to the partners of the stock exchange, among which are the leading companies in the area blockchaina and cryptocurrencies – including Coinpaprika and CoinDeal. They will certainly help the GamerHash project attract even more attention from users and investors.

GamerCoin (GHX) – new token of the GamerHash project

When we talk about the GamerCoin token, we should pay attention to its key advantages. Behind it is a project that already has a ready, fully functional product that has attracted over half a million users in just 2.5 years! Analyzing the current blockchain scene, we see that this is a sensation. The combination of the gaming industry with earning opportunities quickly attracted crowds of users.

The native GamerHash token is the last puzzle in the platform. The goal of the new GamerCoin token is to build lasting commitment of platform users and reward their contribution to the development of the GamerHash platform. This will activate users and the project will gain a competitive advantage.

The token is created as standard ERC20. The maximum supply is set at 880,000,000 GHX, while in the token sale phase, 322,000,000 GHX will hit the market. The initial value of the token is set at 0.01 USD. The minimum collection amount assumed by GamerHash is USD 1 150,000, and the upper limit (hard cap) is $ 2,800,000. When we consider the amounts collected by other gaming projects that didn’t even have MVP yet, and all they had was the overall plan, that amount seems reasonable.

Considering the project’s achievements to date and the dynamics of the gaming market, having GamerCoin tokens in your wallet can be a great idea. The Polish gaming market is already known all over the world and GamerHash has great chances to enter the small group of leaders.

Still this year, the company assumes, among others increased expansion on Asian markets as well as in the USA and Russia. We have already managed to build an international user community. The company estimates that 1,500,000 users will use the GamerHash platform by the end of the year. Considering the project’s achievements to date and the size and speed of development of the gaming market, these are quite realistic assumptions.

You can find more information about the GamerCoin token in the whitepaper, available at: https://gamerhash.io/download/GamerHash_whitepaper_06.05.2020.pdf

How to buy a GamerCoin token in the private sale phase?

GamerCoin token is currently available in the private sale phase, under the most favorable conditions for users. Users from Poland can purchase it via Blocksats – the exclusive media ambassador of GamerHash in our country.

Please fill out the form below. The GamerHash team will contact interested parties to complete the transaction.

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