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February 25, 2021
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GamerHash has partnered with Chainlink to create the future of Gaming together. |

GamerHash keeps moving forward. Yesterday, through the CoinTelegraph website, the team from Poznań announced the start of cooperation with Chainlink. It is worth noting that, according to websites such as Coinpaprika or Coinmarketcap, this project is in 11th place in terms of capitalization among all cryptocurrencies and tokens listed there. At the same time, it is the largest and one of the best-rated projects in the area of ​​DeFi, i.e. decentralized finance.

The first step in the new cooperation was the integration of reference data regarding the BTC / USD exchange rate in order to calculate the profitability of various hardware resources on GamerHash platform. This is the first integration on the way to the greater goal of supporting the adoption of NFT (non-fungible token) in the gaming community.

Players know the mechanisms of interaction and exchange of valuable digital assets well, which makes them an ideal target group that can support the adoption of blockchain technology, e.g. by using rewards implemented in games in the form of NFT. With a community of nearly 500,000 users in 125 countries today, GamerHash has the opportunity to introduce the concept of NFT tokens in gaming to a huge international community. For example, we are talking about solutions such as a verifiable random function, which is used, for example, to award prizes in games or use game results to create unique NFTs that can be bought or sold on the GamerHash platform. The possibilities are endless.

The birth of NFT and Blockchain Gaming

DeFi is currently a very hot topic in the blockchain industry, but it is clear that non-exchangeable tokens (NFT) also have a lot of fans and many projects invest their time in them. For the first time ever, anyone with an internet connection can easily create, store and trade non-redeemable tokens without centralized intermediaries controlling distribution. Instead, all functions are moved to a decentralized infrastructure with open source code and the security guarantee provided by blockchain technology.

How did it all start?

The first years of NFT development were heavily dominated by ERC-721 tokens such as CryptoKitties, where users could trade and breed unique digital kitties. For some time, solutions of this type have been implemented in more complex games. It is an action that allows you to implement a more effective, efficient economy in games – for the benefit of game producers and players themselves. Whether it’s a rare sword that appears randomly on the battlefield, or a reward of unique skins upon completion of an objective, these assets can be earned and distributed based on data from actual events. Interestingly, NFT assets can be applied to a wide variety of games (a concept known as metaverses) and can be traded in secondary markets where their value is determined. The prices of such digital assets can surprise you, as was the case with a special card that was sold in Gods Unchained for $ 60,000! Gaming studios around the world recognize the potential of this type of solutions more and more.

Daniel Kochis, Chainlink’s Director of Business Development, said of the integration: “The gaming industry is poised for a massive expansion with the introduction of gaming rewards in the form of NFT assets. We are pleased to be able to work with the Polish GamerHash to improve blockchain-based games through the use of Chainlink VRF, key pricing data and off-chain data. “

Artur Pszczółkowski, Co-founder and CMO GameHash, also expressed his excitement: “Within a year or two, the non-redeemable token market will be consolidated, as is the case in other sectors. After expanding our business in Asia, we will have all infrastructure in place to scale the project and become Amazon NFT, and Chainlink will provide a solution for users, games and item exchange on GamerHash. Our project has a chance to develop a large part of the future gaming market and Polish projects have already shown how to do it! “

About GamerHash

GamerHash is a platform for gamers that allows them to share the unused computing power of their CPU or graphics card to mine cryptocurrencies and earn money on games. In just 2.5 years, nearly 500,000 users registered an account on the platform. After the seed round is over, in the next few weeks, GamerHash will start operating in Asia – the market where the gaming industry is developing the most dynamically.

The GamerCoin (GHX) token will be issued in Malta and sales will begin through the well-known South Korean exchanges. Currently, GamerHash is selling its tokens in the pre-sale phase, incl. via .

About Chainlink

chainlink is an open-source blockchain software used to create and run decentralized networks that give your smart contracts access to secure and reliable input and output. It provides solutions for leading DeFi projects such as Synthetix, Aave and Kyber Network and numerous blockchains such as Ethereum, Polkadtot and Tezos, as well as for large corporations including Google, Oracle and SWIFT.

GamerCoin (GHX) tokens in pre-sale

All interested in purchasing GamerHash tokens prior to entering the stock exchanges, please contact us via the form below. The project team will send all necessary information to interested parties.

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