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September 28, 2020
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Gary Kasparov speaks about bitcoin |

The legendary chess player Garry Kasparov has once again demonstrated his pro-bitcoin stance by saying that BTC can “help society regain control” lost to institutions and governments. Kasparov, who has in the past called Bitcoin “counterfeit money,” publicly changed his mind last November when he criticized the ability of governments to print money and recently reaffirmed his stance on interview for Forbes.

Kasparov says our lives are more controlled by the state than ever

Kasparov began an interview with Forbes stating that cryptocurrencies have gained a bad reputation, but argued that they are not “inherently bad” and the matter boils down to “who uses them and for what purpose.” He calls these concerns “overrated,” arguing that there are actually more advantages to the new technology:

“… we see many advantages of cryptocurrencies, starting with Bitcoin and others that have followed it and its blockchain as a technology, as it allows for more personal control over individuals at a time when more and more elements of our lives are controlled either by the state, corporations or entities external that may have some secret plan. “

Kasparov added that the rise in popularity of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is “the natural response of technology that helps society regain control, gradually lost to external institutions,” showing that unlike many who comment on the subject, the former chess master clearly understands the ideological BTC goals.

Just like last November when he switched over to bitcoin fans, Kasparov again criticized the printing of money by governments around the world, referring to the constant supply of Bitcoin:

“The good side of Bitcoin is that you know exactly that magic number 21 million. And we understand the formula behind it. But when you look at the other side, like the Fed, you never know how many trillions of dollars will hit the market tomorrow, which will destroy your savings. “

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