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June 15, 2021
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Ghost by John McAfee integrates with eCommerce platforms |

This week, the Ghost cryptocurrency project, founded by controversial antivirus creator John McAfee, has completed the integration process with some of the leading global eCommerce platforms. From July 2020, Ghost will be accepted in online stores, including on WooCommerce, Shopify and BigCommerce platforms.

Cooperation with CryptoCurrencyCheckout

The project was able to successfully gain acceptance of the Ghost coin as a payment option on popular e-commerce platforms thanks to its partnership with CryptoCurrencyCheckout. Now, for purchases on the above-mentioned websites, you can pay with an anonymous cryptocurrency, using quick “one-click” payments and QR codes. Partnering with CryptoCurrencyCheckout, a unique trading platform, will also enable Ghost to integrate with social media platforms. In the near future, Ghost will be able to be used to send payments and make donations via YouTube, Twitter and Twitch.

As the use of Ghost continues to grow, John McAfee’s company intends to strengthen its partnership with CryptoCurrencyCheckout. This platform is known for its completely decentralized nature. Thanks to it, users who want to accept or pay with Ghost on eCommerce platforms or in social media will not incur any additional fees for the exchange.

According to the antivirus developer, “the Ghost project aims to” create a decentralized, privacy-oriented and anonymous payment network “supported by operators using persistent transaction validation algorithms. In the near future, Ghost products and services will offer a more simplified, practical, and affordable solution for everyone.

John McAfee’s latest plans

In a recent statement, the well-known antivirus developer announced the creation of a brand new, completely anonymous, cryptocurrency debit card that will run on the Ghost token.

In mid-July, McAfee said it would produce the phone using technology that was untraceable. This would mean that anyone using it would not be able to be eavesdropped on or followed. People using the new service will allegedly remain completely anonymous, and their private data will not be exposed to external access. The phone is expected to be available on the market in September.

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