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April 13, 2021
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Hackers are a big threat in Poland – according to a new study Blocksats

The threat of cyber security is getting bigger. Unfortunately, it is also Poland. It turns out that our country was only 26th in Europe and 51st in the world in terms of cyber security. Such data is based on the latest Check Point ranking. Today’s Rzeczpospolita writes about the case.

Hackers have a lot to show off

“The data leave no doubt – the level of cyber security on the Vistula has weakened considerably. Only in May this year. Polish enterprises were attacked on average over 300 times a day. That is why our country is so low in the ranking. “

– we read in Rzeczpospolita.

It turns out that the so-called experts assess the network threat index in Poland at 42.7 points The lower the value, the greater the security.

“So we came out much worse than the global and European leader – Japan (23.6) and Finland (24.4), respectively, but also weaker than Hungary (40.2), Ukraine (33.9) or the Czech Republic (36.6) “

– added.

Attack on NBP website

Let our security level at the network level, for example, show what happened at the beginning of this year. Portal The Trusted Third Party reported at the time public opinion about very disturbing reports (also from the investors’ perspective). Apparently, a group of hackers broke into the website of the National Bank of Poland (NBP).

“In the repository of burglary evidence, known for its reliability, can be found trail of interesting burglary, which happened before February 21, 2020. The victim of the burglary was the website of the National Bank of Poland, and the burglar decided to post a short text there to prove his skills.

– he was giving the portal then.

Apparently it was just a stupid fool, but remember that by taking control of each central bank’s website, you can publish on it, among others announcements regarding interest rates threatening the currency’s stability. In addition, the clear evidence that the site was taken over by hackers could be a strong blow to our zloty.

The cryptocurrency market is also affected. Remember to keep your funds safe, don’t keep them on stock exchanges if you don’t have to, and try to have the safest password for your wallets.

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