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September 20, 2020
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Hackers who hacked Twitter earned 100,000. USD. |

The US Department of Justice has accused three so far of the worst Twitter hack in history. Now we get to know more facts about this event.

Twitter, hackers and $ 100,000 in BTC

Investigators claim that the mastermind behind the hacking operation was 17-year-old Graham Clark from Tampa, Florida (we wrote more about him here). But he was assisted by 22-year-old Nim “Rolex” Fazeli of Orlando, Florida, and Mason “Chaewon” Sheppard of Bognor Regis, UK.

All three, led by Clark, allegedly hacked the accounts of several VIPs (such as US presidential candidate Joe Biden, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates) on Twitter and used them to trick hundreds of unsuspecting victims. Young hackers published posts promoting a certain scam on the profiles of these famous people. The latter reportedly gave away BTC. The condition for receiving the prize was to send cryptocurrencies to the address of the project, which were to be multiplied in response.

The US prosecutor’s document states that:

“The hackers allegedly created a scam account [w sieci] Bitcoin, hacked Twitter VIP accounts, sent requests from these Twitter VIP accounts with the false promise to double any Bitcoin deposits made on the scam account, and then stole the Bitcoins that the victims deposited in the account. As stated, over 400 transfers have been made to the scam account with a total value of over $ 100,000. “

How did the attack come about?

Twitter claims the attackers used their phishing program that targeted a small number of the company’s employees.

The IRS adds that its service agents “analyzed the blockchain and de-anonymized Bitcoin transactions, making it possible to identify two different hackers. “ Authorities say they were able to quickly determine who was responsible for the attack.

Clark himself has been charged with 30 crimes including scam scam, “communication fraud”, identity theft, and hacking into victims’ accounts. His alleged associate, Fazeli, has only been charged with hacking into a computer system, while Sheppard is accused of hacking hacking, organizing scams and preparing to launder money.

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