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September 24, 2020
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Halving promotions from Crypto.com! BTC with 50% discount and giveaway for 100,000 USD – Blocksats

Approaching rapidly Halving it’s definitely an incredibly exciting event in the world of cryptocurrency. During this exceptional period, many are looking for emerging opportunities and promotions offered by exchanges and cryptocurrency exchanges. One of the most interesting offers on the market was presented to users by the platform Crypto.com

Event named The Syndicate Halving Special will start on May 12, 2020. The platform offers its users BTC with a 50% discount – with an allocation of USD 1 million.

Bitcoin promotions on the occasion halvingu

The Syndicate Halving Special

Probably most of you associate the Crypto.com platform with a promotion in which they give away 50 dollars to new users. This time, every platform customer will have the opportunity to participate in The Syndicate Halving Special event.

The sale of BTC will start on May 12 and will last for one day to May 13. Crypto.com Exchange users will be able to subscribe to BTC by providing a CRO amount not exceeding their maximum allocation.

If the total amount contributed to the special event is higher than the total discounted allocation, the final coin allocation for each BTC participant will be calculated as follows:

Halving promotions from Crypto.com! BTC with 50% discount and giveaway for 100,000 USD -  Blocksats 25

Sale amount and subscription price

  • Total BTC supply: BTC worth USD 1,000,000
  • Discount rate: 50%

How can I attend this BTC Halving special event?

To participate, you must:

  1. Register successfully as a Crypto.com Exchange user (step by step guide, click here).
  2. Use CRO tokens to sign up for BTC with a 50% discount during the subscription period.
  3. Not to be a citizen or resident of the United States, China, Bulgaria or Hong Kong.

What minimum CRO amount do I have to bet to participate in this BTC Halving special event?

CRO rates are not required, but betting CRO will increase the maximum CRO allocation amount you can use to subscribe to BTC with a 50% discount:

Halving promotions from Crypto.com! BTC with 50% discount and giveaway for 100,000 USD -  Blocksats 27

Detailed information about the above-mentioned event can be found here.

Halving Special Giveaway

On the occasion of halving Bitcoin Crypto.com also organizes a Twitter giveaway. The total prize pool is 100,000 USD.

Giveaway runs from April 30 to May 12. The entire pot will be divided into 400 lucky winners, each of whom will receive Bitcoiny worth USD 250. Winners will receive the prize as a deposit into their Crypto.com account within two weeks after the lottery ends.

The BTC price in the Crypto.com application will be used as the reference price for BTC at the time of the prize distribution.

Winners will be chosen randomly. The odds of winning depend on the total number of eligible entries received on Twitter.

What should you do to participate in the lottery on Twitter?

  1. Follow the official Crypto.com Twitter account (@cryptocom)
  2. Like the original Sweepstakes Crypto.com post on Twitter
  3. Forward the original Crypto.com entry on Twitter Sweepstakes

Continuous development of the platform is the key to success

Crypto.com has in its arsenal a wide range of services that makes it easy for everyone to earn, trade, borrow and pay in crypto.

The platform is famous for its flagship product, which is the MCO Visa card, which offers a decent 5% cashback paid in crypto. In addition, the company has a wide range of services:

  • Credit cards: Users can choose from five levels of cards supported by VISA.
  • Trade: investors can buy and sell over 50 cryptocurrencies and tokens on Crypto.com or trade 35 market pairs on the Crypto.com Exchange.
  • Mobile application: users can download the mobile application integrated with the Crypto.com card
  • Credit lines: Users can borrow stablecoiny with a loan interest rate of up to 50%.
  • Earning: Users can stack cryptos and earn 2-16% on the deposited value.
  • Payment Processing: sellers can accept payments in the form of cryptocurrencies via Crypto.com.

Recently, the platform has added to its extensive list of VET cryptocurrencies that can be traded in pairs with BTC, USDT and CRO.

It is worth noting that in addition to the constant development of the platform, the company focuses on continuous improvement and expansion of the functionalists of its own mobile application. An interesting option is the option of buying gift cards from the application level. Cards can be bought for Bitcoins or tokens CRO. Additionally, for a purchase made with the help of CRO, the user can count on 10% cashback in CRO.

If you are bargain hunters and getting ready for halving shopping, crypto.com offer is really noteworthy.

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