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April 13, 2021
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Head of IBM blockchain team: consumers demand transparency today – Blocksats

IBM team leader blockchaina in Australia and New Zealand, he commented on blockchain potential. He noticed that the new technology finds many important applications, not only in logistics, but also in the recruitment market, for example.

Blockchain on the logistics market

In an interview with Cointelegraph Rupert Colchester, head of the IBM blockchain team in Australia and New Zealand, said how the new technology is transforming supply chain systems around the world.

“Supply chains are rooted in every industry (…). Consumers demand a whole new level of transparency. They also require levels of collaboration throughout the supply chain to improve customer service in turn.

So they have expectations as to who they will buy or get something from. (…) consumers reward (…) when this transparency exists (…) “

– he explained why blockchain is so important in supply chains.

Importantly, all of the above may become more important in the coming months, in the age of economic crisis.

Other aspects of block chain operation

He also noted that blokchain is currently used in many other industries, e.g. in the recruitment market.

“Another really interesting [zastosowaniem] is the verification of reliable credentials for citizens and other people in the country, regardless of whether it is course school, university degree or even ID card (…) – the ability to have a reliable source of credentials for every citizen. As a result, employers can verify this credentials. “

– added.

He added that blockchain combines well with other technologies:

“We see artificial intelligence and blockchain like other exponential technologies such as the Internet of Things and 5G: these are all key technologies that underlie the transformation of workflows and processes throughout the business landscape.”

He admitted, however, that he still sees adaptation problems that limit the development of this market. “

“For me, adoption barriers really focus on collaboration. The point is not that companies do not want to cooperate, but how easy it is to cooperate. Even now – think about the world we live in now (…). It’s really hard to find the right people from many companies [umieścić je] in one room to talk about one problem initiatives. “

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