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September 19, 2020
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How NULS has established itself in the Brazilian market

A project traditionally known by the Brazilian investor, NULS stands out more and more around here when betting on factors such as community and ease of negotiation.

The Brazilian cryptocurrency market embraces hundreds of different projects, each in its niches and with the most diverse characteristics. However, it is interesting to note the gradual and organic growth that NULS has been experiencing over the past few months.

Now, what interferes with that performance?

The principle of potential

When we analyze a project, some fundamental points are clear that deserve our attention. Team, development and partnerships are examples of factors to watch out for. However, there is an issue of greater importance in this regard: the project proposal – this proposal to resolve a current problematic issue.

NULS: Nothing makes blockchain easier! Source: Medium

This is where NULS demonstrates its strength, presenting an innovative model with regard to building a blockchain through modules. Yes, just as someone interested in creating a website can look for blocks or semi-ready parts to insert in their project, someone who wants to build a blockchain can take advantage of ChainBox – an innovative and intuitive solution even for laypeople in development.

The strength of the community

One of the strengths of a project is its ability to attract enthusiasts and maintain both activity and engagement. NULS knows this well, so much so that it has a strong Portuguese community in the Telegram which has more than 2,000 members.

Another tool that allows a closer relationship with the Brazilian people is a news site referring to the project that is fully translated into Portuguese.

With such resources available in their own language, the Brazilian investor certainly feels more confident and comfortable in contributing to the project.

Trading facilities

It is useless for a project to want to establish itself before a certain community without offering local facilities for negotiation.

nuls novadax
Trading page on the NULS / BRL pair. Source: NovaDax.

Given the growing interest in Brazilian crypto enthusiast in NULS trading, NovaDax has positioned itself well in the market by offering currency trades in four different pairs: NULS / BTC, NULS / ETH, NULS / USDT and most importantly in national terms, NULS / BRL.

It is natural for more negotiations to occur and liquidity to increase when we consider a project with a pair in reais (BRL). In fact, this is precisely the focus of the next subtitle.

Highlight among the most traded currencies in the country

With the release of information from most traded cryptocurrencies in Brazil by the IRS, the Brazilian investor’s interest in NULS is evident.

Among hundreds of options, NULS occupies the twenty-seventh position in the ranking of the most traded currencies in Brazil, with a total volume of R $ 1,660,026.47 traded between August 2019 and February 2020. This is indeed encouraging as it reinforces a solid currency movement across the country.

All told, it is understandable that NULS is consolidating itself more and more as one of the projects with the greatest support from the Brazilian community.

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