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September 22, 2020
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Infinitie Fleet – blockchain-based game startup collected 3.1 million dollars |

Pixelmatic’s Infinite Fleet: Space Adventure raised over $ 3 million within 24 hours from investors like Adam Back and Charlie Lee.

According to Pixelmatic, the game developed by Blockstream CSO in collaboration with Samson Mow CEO Pixelmatic raised $ 3.1 million on the global investment platform BnkToTheFuture by selling its EXO token.

Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin (LTC), Adam Back, president of Blockstream’s management board, and Max Keizer, leading a financial program broadcast on RT’s media channel called “Keizer report”, participated in the private startup financing round. The goal of this event was to raise $ 3 million, the result was achieved within 24 hours.

The developers introduced the EXO security token to the Liquid Securities platform. This token is intended to represent the rights to shares and profit sharing. Additionally, Infinite Fleet cooperated with the blockchain marketplace STOKR to introduce the public security token offer (STO).

Cryptocurrency introduced into the game

The blockchain-based game is set in the future and all events are set to take place in space. Players will have at their disposal space stations, asteroid mines, fleets of spacecraft and many more. The fight is to take place in real time. Its model will be based on a strategy. Infinitie Fleet is to force players to cooperate during battles with substituted opponents. All actions of each participant of the game will have irreversible effects that the game will save and you will not be able to change them.

The in-game currency called INF will reside in the blockchain. The knowledge of players in the field of cryptocurrencies is not a necessity at the stage of the game itself, and only when they decide to transfer their assets from virtual reality. The company is to make its tokens available on cryptocurrency exchanges shortly after the official launch of the game.

“Infinite Fleet will be the first video game that truly combines the advantages of the game and cryptocurrencies”

“The Infinite Fleet aims not only to revive the MMO genre that has lacked fresh ideas in recent years, but potentially to become a” Trojan Horse “that will bring massive adoption of cryptocurrencies by mainstream players.”

Said Mow, the developer of the game.

Pixelmatic is planning an alpha release for the Infinite Fleet by the end of the year, and the full game will be ready in 2021.

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