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September 21, 2020
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Inflation is falling … but are you sure? – Blocksats

According to new, preliminary CSO data, inflation in our country is falling, but only seemingly. In April (3.4 percent) it was lower than in March (4.6 percent). Only that this is the effect of a decrease in fuel prices by about 20%. Foods went up 7.5%

Inflation is falling … seemingly

Always looking at data on inflation it’s worth delving into details. Seemingly, the inflation rate fell, as in March it amounted to 4.6 percent. Only that the relatively low inflation – which is again within the inflation target of the NBP – was determined last month by a drop in fuel prices for private means of transport. These decreased by 18.8 percent In turn, energy carriers have already increased by 5.2 percent, and food by as much as 7.5 percent.

Why do we highlight this data so much? Well, each of us can do without fuel (especially now, in the age of lockdown), while the vision of forced fasting does not sound so encouraging, right? Of course, we’re still far from having to deny ourselves food, but food price spikes should bother us.

April price changes So the most affected were families who are not motorized and spend a relatively large part of their income on groceries – he notes Polsat News.

The phenomenon of food throwing was already visible in March, when inflation related to this type of products amounted to as much as 8%. The most expensive were: pork meat (by 27%), fruit (by 20%) and sausages (by 15%)

Poland against the background of the EU

All this will start to provoke Poles to look for tools that will help save them the value of their savings. The more so because inflation is quite high in Poland against the background of the European Union. From all the community in Poland and Hungary prices increased in March the most – by 3.9 percent.

In general, prices in the whole of Central and Eastern Europe are rising most strongly throughout the European Union. The Czech Republic is chasing Poland and Hungary (3.6 percent). In France and Germany, inflation is less than 1 percent. At almost zero levels, however, prices are rising in the south and west, namely in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Cyprus.

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