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September 28, 2020
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JK Rowling is interested in Bitcoin – Blocksats

JK Rowling is a well-known author of the series of books about Harry Potter. Now she became interested in Bitcoin and wanted to understand what it was cryptocurrency. Digital currency fans have started educational assistance. With what effect?

JK Rowling asks about BTC

JK Rowling became interested in the subject of cryptocurrencies. She wanted to understand what he is Bitcoin. The community of digital currencies moved the known author with educational help.

Unfortunately, the attempt to explain to the known writer what BTC is was a failure:

In the end, a rather ironic post appealed to her.

Fortunately, at the end she tried to turn everything into a joke.

“Someday you’ll see a wrinkled old woman on the street trying to exchange a Harry Potter book for a potato. Be nice. She tried to understand “

– she wrote.

How to explain to people what they are kryptowaluty?

The example of JK Rowling shows how difficult it is for ordinary people to understand what BTC is. However, this should not surprise us. Most people know almost nothing about how fiat currencies are issued. He does not fully understand why the current policy of central banks is so dangerous for their savings.

Now telling such people that “Bitcoin is decentralized currency that is not issued by the central bank but by the community of miners “… Well, it is unlikely to convince a person who does not know the mechanisms of the modern economy to buy even a small part of BTC.

In short, explaining to someone what BTC is should begin by letting them understand the nature of current fiat currencies. It is only understanding that the policies of central banks and the crazy printing they are using, threatens that her life savings can melt at an alarming rate, can open her eyes to the advantages Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

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