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September 28, 2020
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KNF warns: do not buy cryptocurrencies over the phone! |

The Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) warns against entities that are trying to sell cryptocurrencies to Poles over the phone. The Commission has just issued its communication on this matter. You can find it in this place.

KNF and cryptocurrencies: watch out for BTC trading over the phone

Apparently, the scammers report that “During the transaction, the requirements of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority regarding recording the transaction process are to be met, which is to include on sharing the computer’s desktop. “

“The callers also inform that an employee of the KNF Office will participate in the exchange operation to monitor the course of the transaction”

– adds the KNF.

“In connection with the above, we would like to remind you that the cryptocurrency market in Poland is not a regulated or supervised market. PFSA does not license, supervise or exercise any other powers with regard to cryptocurrency trading activities “

– we read in the announcement.

It was further added that “The supervision of the PFSA is never connected with the participation of PFSA employees in direct relations with clients or in individual financial transactions. Therefore, the reference to any participation of the PFSA, employees of the KNF Office or persons authorized by the supervisory authority in the transaction of purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies has no basis and is very likely to be an attempted fraud. ”

“If, during the interview, you have been informed that a given person performs activities with the participation or in agreement with the PFSA or the KNF, refrain from further contacts and immediately notify the nearest Police unit. Try to collect and present as much detail as possible about the event in the notification. Any information may prove useful “

– added.

What to do when receiving a suspicious call?

The KNF also advises what to do when one of us or our relatives receives such a suspicious call. First, you should “Verify the identity of these people and the truthfulness of the declared the purpose of contact. “

How to do it? On the PFSA website, you can check whether the entity on behalf of the caller is authorized to provide financial services in Poland:

You can also verify that the entity is not on the KNF’s list of public warnings:

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