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September 22, 2020
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Legalization of Bitcoin in South Korea, India and France, leaves the market with hope

South Korea, India and France say yes to Bitcoin!

Bitcoin investors and enthusiasts celebrate the achievement of new regulations. South Korea recognized the currency as part of the country’s financial system, India lifted the ban on banks from providing banking services to individuals and legal entities dealing with crypto, and in France the country recognizes the currency as an intangible and fungible asset , opening new paths for the country’s financial market.

The regulations of any digital currency have always been a matter of concern among investors, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. The subject is a priority for those dealing with Bitcoin and other currencies, and staying informed is essential.

Fortunately, countries have been making good decisions related to Bitcoin currency, recognizing it as legal currency, offering financial freedom for transactions and opening doors to new achievements and results for companies. All of this puts hope in the eyes of those who deal with Bitcoin, as now, new opportunities may arise and the bargaining power will increase.

What does this all mean?

The custom of using “barter currency” for the purchase of products, goods and payments is present in all of human history. Money has always been part of our life and routine, since when you are a child and you start to learn to manage your allowance, understanding that you need to pay for most material things, even when you are already an adult and you are in the middle of countless boletos.

Today the bank is digital, and you no longer need a manager. Today there is a bank transfer, and you no longer need to leave the house to face hours in line at bank branches, due to a deposit of 50 reais. Today there is a digital currency, and many companies and establishments already deal with crypto. Technology allows us to live historical moments, of great discoveries and evolutions, and the financial market has lived all this, positively and constantly.

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