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September 25, 2020
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Malta invests in the development of the digital economy |

The Maltese government is moving away from its once important blockchain development program as it intends to invest in the broader development of the digital economy.

“We are moving away from being an island using blockchain technology, more towards digital solutions as we have a firmer faith in this holistic vision that encompasses all aspects and technological components.”

– He said Kearon Bruno, chairman of Digital Economy think Tank.

According Kearon Bruno, Malta advocates the vision to drive digital growth rapidly. think Thank was founded in June 2020 and includes representatives of the financial services sector, among others.

The Think Tank is an independent, non-profit advisory committee dealing with research and analysis on public affairs. a broader understanding of this concept can be found as a group of people or institutions with similar goals, but not necessarily having the status of a non-governmental organization

Beverly tonna, a Think Tank member pointed out that Malta is an excellent environment for the progress of companies from the financial technology sector. tonna It also noted that Malta did not want to give up entirely what had previously been achieved.

“The goal is to make Malta more attractive to start-ups. When you operate in an environment open to innovative solutions, there is more room for development. So yes, we are moving away from blockchain technology and looking for FinTech companies.

Beverly said Tonna.

Malta’s unsteady regulatory policy means that kryptogiełdowi players avoid the island.

FROM summer 2018 MFSA has not yet issued any authorizations under the national regulatory framework cryptocurrency, namely the Virtual Financial Assets Act. Regulatory delays have caused some of the companies active in this field to leave the island, including possibly and Binancewho has so far maintained good relations with State Offices.

At the beginning of this year, the leading one kryptogiełda Binance was summoned by the local authorities, which issued a statement that the platform is not authorized by MFSA to act in the sphere kyptowalut.

At that time, Bartolo Clayton Junior Minister of Financial Services and Gospdarki Digital Malta has admitted that statement MFSA about Binance does not imply a negative attitude towards cryptocurrencies, jhowever, all are bound by the law.

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