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September 22, 2020
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Marijuana on blockchain is becoming a fact | Blocksats

A Uruguayan company is planning to launch a blockchain-based application that will be designed in such a way that it enables its clients to track the production of medical cannabis.

Cannabis on blockchain

UruguayCan, a medical marijuana company, will launch an application based on the project blockchain Aeternity (AE), enabling buyers to thoroughly analyze the origin of its products.

The application will allow you to closely follow each stage of the marijuana life cycle: from growing to packaging, including data such as: details of the flowering period, irrigation methods, pod sizes, greenhouse location, humidity, temperature, light levels and fertilization methods.

Aeternity claims that UruguayCan may launch the application in June or July this year. It will be somewhat adapted to the upcoming hemp planting season in the region. The application will be open source. This means that it can be reprogrammed with different parameters for any other crop.


This is not the first time Aeternity technology has been used in Uruguay.

In autumn 2019, we wrote about the Uruguayan Digital Party planning to develop a secure and transparent database using a technological solution to “To collect and verify identity”. In practice, it is about optimizing democratic processes in the country and voting in elections. Aeternity blockchain will be the basis of the new system.

Pablo Coirolo, CEO of Aeternity Americas, said at the time:

“The system of democratic governance that will be implemented by the Uruguay Digital Party is based on an internal management solution that uses [technologię] Aeternity for internal community decision making, which is a completely new architecture that allows greater citizen participation in the [podejmowaniu] political decisions at all levels, with consistent reliability. “

We would also like to remind you that in September 2019 Aeternity passed the last stage of its own hard fork. So the startup has finally disconnected from the Ethereum blockchain on which it was founded, and as a result now has its own block chain.

In addition to working with the Uruguayan party, the company also uses its system to track the supply chain of the medical and recreational cannabis manufacturer from Montevideo. This is probably not the company’s last step in this direction …

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