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September 19, 2020
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Max Keizer: Bitcoin dominates altcoins in the cryptocurrency debate

Famous Bitcoin maximalist, Max Keizer strongly criticized altcoins, arousing the fury of many followers

Max Keizer, Keizer Report presenter, says that Bitcoin has no cryptocurrency rivals and that most altcoins fail to meet the standard set by the BTC. Speaking of an appearance at the London Real, Keizer ruled out the possibility of a new crypto asset emerging and consuming Bitcoin’s market dominance.

He said:

“There are no currencies out there that can do what Bitcoin no longer does or will be able to do soon. What you are buying with Bitcoin is security. ”

Keizer continued, arguing that Bitcoin hard forks, like Bitcoin Cash and SV, are insecure compared to the original BTC.

The avid supporter of Bitcoin also referred to several altcoins as “pure exit scams”, intentionally designed to manipulate investors.

According to him:

“They have huge‘ pre-mines ’that the founders are selling or dumping and making a lot of money. Many people are losing money and have no use case. Like a Ripple or even an Ethereum, it is an exit scam. It should be avoided. Those are the main currencies.

Keizer predicted that Pitcoin’s market share and hash power, at 65% and 85%, respectively, will continue to increase relative to the market. He said that within five years Bitcoin will represent 99% of all cryptocurrency hash power and market capitalization.


Keizer’s speech didn’t fall well for all viewers, with some answering the weightings:

“The ecosystem of this universe is about expanding diversity and infinite possibilities. Be wary of those who say that only one thing is possible. There are infinite ways to live in this universe and Bitcoin would not even exist at that moment if the belief in “only one way” was true. MK found that Bitcoin worked very well for his path and his journey and now he proselytises Bitcoin as the only “worthy” crypto entity. He even calls other idiots from Kitco and many other interviews to mock and laugh at others because he thinks he has outperformed the rest of humanity by very low emotional intelligence and total narcissistic ignorance. There is no book, song, flower, culture, race, animal, plant, mineral… that can be said: this is the best and the only one. Bitcoin has inspired an infinite rainbow of possibilities in altcoins. It is this diversity that we must include and it is this diversity that will take Bitcoin even higher. ” – commented a viewer in response to Keizer.

Other harsh comments could also be seen:

“What an idiot! Typical maxi bitcoin. Xrp and ETH have a use case. Currently, 10% of all shipments sent from Mexico to the USA are made by XRP. ”

“People who believe only in Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency markets are just as stupid as people who don’t believe in Bitcoin in the traditional market.”

“I love Max Keizer, but he lost his way saying“ just Bitcoin. ”

And you reader, which side are you in this discussion? Share your opinion with us through the comments below!

Text adapted from: CryptoGlobe

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