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September 23, 2020
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McAfee is not a crypto investor Blocksats

John McAfee, creator of the popular anti-virus program, as well as a cryptocurrency enthusiast, explained on his Twitter why he stopped investing in cryptocurrencies. Until now, he tweeted quite often about digital assets, but recently he has started writing about completely different things.

What does McAfee use its cryptocurrencies for?

Due to the fact that McAfee has always had something to say about cryptocurrencies in the past, he is considered one of the greatest (or at least the most media) investors in this industry. In his last post on Twitter, he corrected that he is not an investor, but only uses cryptocurrencies. He noted that there is a big difference between these two concepts.

The community in the comments asked how it uses crypto and what it buys, since most sellers do not accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. Well-known cryptocurrency enthusiast stated that he pays cryptocurrencies “for everything”.

McAfee, who once competed for the post of US president, emphasizes that America and Americans must adopt cryptocurrencies, not just invest in them, hoping for profit. He recently mentioned that his favorite coins are cryptocurrencies, geared towards user privacy, such as Monero and DAI.

In addition, he also created his own cryptocurrency Ghost, and announced the creation of his own cellular network that will hide the identity and location of its users.

John McAfee forecast

For over 3 years, John McAfee predicted that the oldest cryptocurrency would be worth as much as one million dollars in 2020. He argued that his forecasts were pure mathematics. In addition, he wrote that if bitcoin does not reach such a high price … I think we all remember this bet?

As you can easily guess, some of the community was skeptical about technology, its impact and effect, while others were optimistic, believing that the price of bitcoin can reach such a high level.

Earlier this year, McAfee withdrew from its plant.

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