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September 22, 2020
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McAfee wants to create an anonymous cryptocurrency card |

John McAfee is surely one of the most eccentric characters in the cryptocurrency world who loves to make bold claims. In 2017, McAfee made a very bold bet where he promised to eat his penis should his BTC price prediction fail.

In his latest statement, the renowned antivirus developer announced the creation of a brand-new, completely anonymous, cryptocurrency debit card that will use its Ghost token. However, it seems that he was throwing words to the wind, and the creation of such a card is not entirely possible and at best it will be semi-anonymous.

Will McAfee change his mind in a matter of months as he did with his previous bet?

Good idea, but Visa is ruining it

The publicly available information on the new Ghost card shows that it will be a prepaid debit card that can be linked to a Ghost wallet or simply topped up with tokens. Then, using the card, it will be possible to spend funds “anonymously” in shops that accept Visa cards. Unfortunately, Visa collects user data for every single transaction, such as amount, location, time and date. This data is then used to build a user profile, which Visa then sells to marketing companies.

It is this feature of Visa that will ruin the investor’s idea. If McAfee wants his Ghost card to be truly fully anonymous, it will have to issue its own cards using its own payment network – one that would be built on its own blockchain. They would then have to create an app for traders that they could use to accept cards.

Belief in dreams

McAfee believes very strongly in privacy and that everyone can be in control of their own anonymity. His cryptocurrency Ghost is focused on privacy, he already owns a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, and his next plan is to create a cryptocurrency card. If you also believe the same as McAfee, Ghost might be an interesting cryptocurrency to consider. However, remember to look at her with a grain of salt.

So far, the date of launching the new, anonymous crypto card has not been given.

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