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September 24, 2020
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Mimble Wimble integrated with Litecoin: the testing platform has started – Blocksats

David Burkett, a programmer of Litecoin and Grin ++, has published an April update on progress in integrating Litecoin with Mimble Wimble (MW) technology. He adds that a test platform has already been built and code integration has started.

Mimble Wimble will revolutionize the world of cryptocurrency?

David Burkett has already developed a functional test environment, he admits, and has begun integrating Mimble Wimble with the Litecoin code base. According to a report from May 1 from the forum Litecointalk, the project introduces important improvements to privacy. Burkett claims that MW will operate on the Litecoina test network base until the end of summer. He adds that before him “Many more tests”.

Protocol Mimble Wimble was created quite a long time, in August 2016. It all began when a user called “majorplayer” on the IRC channel described Mimble Wimble as a private and scalable upgrade for Bitcoin. This was noticed by a group of programmers who were deeply interested in the project. Among them was, among others Andrew Poelstra from BlockStream, who in 2017 prepared full documentation for the new protocol. Initially, it was supposed to be Bitcoin sidechain. limitations BTC, but prompted developers to create their own kryptowaluty – Grin.

Developers centered around Grin try to stay true to the assumptions of the movement Cypherpunk, promoting application cryptography as a path to social and political change. The project was entirely funded by the community. The creators did not drive AND WHAT, or any other such collection. No pre-mining was used here either. Lead developer – Igno Peverell approaches project development very ideologically. cryptocurrency was made publicly available on January 15, 2019. It took place about 2 weeks after launching the competitive Mimble Wimble implementation called Beam.

Grin and Beam

Today, however, MW is mainly used by two cryptocurrencies – Beam and Grin. The latter is more known.

Grin is a privacy coin. On the project page we read:

“Electronic transactions for everyone. Without censorship and restrictions. Grin authorizes anyone to make transactions or save with modern money without fear of external control or pressure from regulators. Grin was designed for the next decades, not just “for tomorrow”. Grin is available to everyone, regardless of background, culture, skills or access. cryptocurrency is developed using a technology known as Mimble Wimble. “

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