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November 24, 2020
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Mining rig discovered under cemetery in China

Chinese officials claim to have found an illegal Bitcoin mining operation beneath a cemetery in Heilongjiang province.

According to a report From Beijing News, Daqing police in Heilongjiang province discovered a rig mining Bitcoins in a cemetery next to a village. Authorities at first suspected they were stealing electricity to mine Bitcoins and would have located the structure using electricity data provided from an oil field.

The officers then found a suspicious “cemetery” in a forest outside the village, also finding a secret entrance. After evaluating the best way to enter, the police confirmed that it was a place for illegal Bitcoin mining.

Also according to the report, the authorities found computers and sources for energy transmission, in addition to seizing eight rigs mining.

China has tightened its grip on mining

The current report is similar to an discovery made in April, when Daqing police identified 54 illegal Bitcoin mining rigs under a kennel.

This makes evident the way in which China has continuously positioned itself against cryptocurrency mining.

Last month, for example, the Sichuan provincial government announced a suspension on all cryptocurrency mining operations. This decision was made even though the region was responsible for approximately 10% of the hashrate of Bitcoin.

While the government is trying to impose restrictive measures on the operation of such operations, Chinese miners seem to be increasingly creative when it comes to choosing a location to run their equipment.

Source: Cryptoglobe

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