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September 20, 2020
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Money has been wasted in the past on the world. Part 16. No, this is not the end Blocksats

Over the past few months, we have published the series “How money has been broken in the past in the world” in our pages. You can find the previous part here. Today is the time to sum it up and think about what awaits us in the future.

The past is a prologue

First of all, it is worth asking the question why it is worth analyzing what has happened in the past at all. Well, for many, history is just boring stories about kings, battles, diplomacy, etc. Everything is seasoned with very sexy dates. Nothing more than spend your free time reading! Of course, we write it with irony.

The problem is that today – especially in Polish schools – history is taught in a fatal way. Not only that, you can risk saying that he is not taught at all. And the last one is because the stories told in school textbooks resemble rather emotional stories like The Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. You probably understand what we mean. They are bad and they are good. This is not the case. Politics – especially in the area of ​​superpowers – is not a zero-one game. Wars do not break out because one country was ruled by another equivalent of Adolf Hitler, and the revolutions were not fueled by a naive vision of the people’s attempt to overthrow the oppressor. It’s not so simple.

Why are we writing about this? First of all, we want to convince you to look for historical knowledge on your own (and of course through our portal – we will soon start another cycle of this type). In addition, it is worth noting that human history is in a sense repetitive cycles. It is clearly seen today. Note that globalization was thriving as early as the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. It was interrupted – attention, here again the feeling of deja vu will appear – a conflict of powers. Only then were the latter were Germany and Great Britain (namely the blocks that both countries built), and today we are talking about the rivalry between the USA and China.

The same processes happen and happen in the area of ​​money.

Well, how is money spoiled?

In this series, we have tried to show you how money has been spoiled for centuries. You probably noticed that this process was always similar. At first, “healthy” money was issued, which was then devalued. Why? Most often ago, because this was the interest of the authorities.

The pattern was repeated almost everywhere and constantly. The Roman Empire began to spoil its coins when it turned out that it lacked gold to beat the currency that was paid to the army. The same process took place in medieval Europe, when the same metal ran out (this later appeared as a result of crusades and colonialism). In addition, the rulers quickly noticed that by falsifying the value of coins they could benefit. Never mind that the victims were subjected to them …

The same thing is happening right before our eyes for a long time.

The future of money

So let’s ask yourself what the future of money will look like. Will we continue to use increasingly worth less euros or dollars? Looking at the policies of central banks, you can think so.

Another thing is that you can see notes of a momentary revival of the idea of ​​healthy money after years of high inflation, which probably await us. It is possible that then we will see digital currencies that will be based on gold (and / or Bitcoin?). However, it is now a sphere of dreams. For now, we must protect our savings from what politicians and officials are doing.

We hope that through our cycle we have helped you understand how dangerous inflation is and that it is not a new invention …

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