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September 27, 2020
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Musician Coldplay invests in the application for buying BTC – Blocksats

Recently, more and more mainstream characters are appearing on the cryptocurrency market. This time we are talking about the bassist of the Coldplay band who has invested in a bitcoin application.

Coldplay musician is interested BTC


Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman has invested in a Zumco Bitcoin Exchange (BTC) application.

“[Epidemia] Covid-19 accelerates the transformation of society into a non-cash society and (…) [proces] the emergence of easy ways to invest in new forms of currency that are more resilient to crises like this[, który teraz ma miejsce]”

– said Zumo president Nicko Jones.

“Our application was created for everyone. This includes hundreds of millions of ordinary people who trust global financial markets where there are no agencies [w postaci pośredników]. We want these people to have their own money in a way that was not possible when the last financial crash occurred in 2008. “

– added.

Zumo allows its users to buy, sell, trade and store BTC.

“Zumo has all the advantages of decentralized technology without the problems of teething “

– Charles Read, an expert on blockchaina.

The present is the best time to invest in new technologies

“Now is the time to invest in technologies that will shape the financial security of future generations”

– said David Murray managing director of Murray Capital. He also mentioned the great potential of financial applications that are dedicated to people without bank accounts.

Musician Coldplay invests in the application for buying BTC -  Blocksats 25

Berryman himself is another mainstream person who is entering cryptocurrency space. Bitcoin it is not something foreign on the music market. Various hip-hop or rock artists sold their CDs for BTC. It is enough to mention the metal group Mastodon (the album “Once More ‘Round Sun’ from 2014), rapper Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson (album ‘Animal Ambition’) or avant-garde singer Bjork (album ‘Utopia’). Your interested cryptocurrency Snoop Dogg or Mel B, a former member of the Spice Girls band, also expressed publicly. We wrote more about it in our pages here.

It is also worth recalling that blockchain as a technology, it can help musicians protect their rights to songs, which you can learn more about here.

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