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July 29, 2021
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NBP: companies do not feel the crisis –

The NBP has prepared a report on the moods in the corporate market. These apparently positively assess the situation in Q3, and this is at a level similar to before the pandemic – wrote in the NBP Quick Monitoring.

NBP: companies are satisfied

“The current situation of the non-financial corporations (SPN) sector can be assessed as quite good, especially taking into account the scale of the shock caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, although it differs in individual groups of companies. In Q2 2020, despite a significant drop in revenues, the sector’s profitability improved and liquidity remained at a safe level. So far, enterprises have managed to avoid the negative scenario on the labor market “

– wrote in the report.

“Companies also positively assess the situation in Q3, although worse than last year, as close to the pre-pandemic period. There is also a visible improvement in the expectations of entrepreneurs, especially in the annual horizon “

– added.

Shields helped?

The NBP is of the opinion that the above is the effect of the positive impact on the anti-crisis shield market.

“The sector still operates also in conditions of increased uncertainty, negatively affecting, inter alia, on his investment plans. The surveyed entrepreneurs also signal a significant sensitivity of the condition of companies to the further course of the pandemic, which is now clearly intensifying “

– can be read in the document.

However, the study of companies ended on September 18, and the epidemic situation has worsened since then.

“The opinions expressed by entrepreneurs at that time could not take into account the scale of the epidemic observed today and, as a result, it should be provide, that the current picture of the situation of the sector may be worse in some areas “

– written.

Added to this today is the aspect of a possible second full lockdown:

“About 40 percent of them count with such consequences. enterprises in the sample. Lockdown is the most afraid of the same industries that in spring this year. they suffered the most serious consequences, ie the hotel and restaurant industry, tourism, companies from the culture and entertainment and sports industries, other service activities, transport, trade, and in the group of production companies: car production and clothing production ”.

On the other hand, the sectors of energy, water supply, IT, professional and scientific activities are, according to the respondents, the most resistant to the effects of lockdown. As was the case in the previous phase of the lockdown, the SME sector is more afraid of its effects than large enterprises, although in this classification the differences in assessments are not very significant ”.

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