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September 20, 2020
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News from the market KRYPTO episode. 18 |

New tweet hacking news, Ledger’s marketing data leak, and last week’s huge wave of Theter. How was the previous week? How is the current one going? Check!

Bitcoin, after a dozen or so percent rally, drops in a few minutes by almost USD 1,500, which causes a wave of liquidations to over a billion USD. In the video, we present the possible scenarios that led to this type of reaction, although the most likely are a market sell-off and the willingness to take profits of investors taking positions at $ 10,000. Experts confirm that you need steel nerves to trade Bitcoin.

Cardano’s main network called Shelley introducing staking It went live late last month. The Hard Fork which was carried out on the main network cemented the provisions of the PoS consensus mechanism. Users can now count on a 4.6% return on investment per year from storing goods on their wallets. According to the company, there are currently more than 465 staking pools online and more than 12.99 billion ADAs with a total value of over $ 1.7 billion have been donated to the network to participate in the block mining mechanism. Cardano still has a lot of catching up to do behind its main competitor, Ethereum.

The event update resulted from a Twitter hack. According to the latest reports, hackers gained access to the portal’s internal network and tools during the events in mid-July. The information confirms that Twitter was the victim of a social engineering attack, namely spear-phishing, which was to lead to the acquisition of network access credentials from website employees. Since the attack, Twitter aims to expand an educational campaign among its team on dealing with potential phishing attacks.

Exchanges last week saw the largest hourly inflow of Tether (USDT) in recent months. Interest is also shifting to other leading stable cryptocurrencies. Such high volumes of the use of various types of stablecoins bring hope for the survival of the cryptocurrency market in the event of a possible collapse of the centralized Tether, the leading capitalization leader in this narrow category of virtual currencies, and whose system of supplying new tokens is based on a lot of controversy.

Ledger’s management announced a marketing data leak at the end of June. Undesirable, a third party has come into possession of a list of a million email addresses used by a cryptocurrency related company in their marketing campaigns. Access to such data as: address, telephone number, name and surname or information about purchased products on the platform was obtained. Ledger warns of potential pshishing campaigns and reminds that the company will never ask the customer for their 24-word password. At the time of reporting, however, the sensitive data was not used by thieves on the Internet.

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