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September 23, 2020
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NGRAVE ZERO – The most secure wallet for cryptocurrencies |

Around NGRAVE ZERO got loud after it was announced the world’s most secure online wallet storing cryptocurrencies. It has achieved the highest ever security rating EAL7.

Necessity is the mother of invention

NGRAVE ZERO was created due to the bad experiences of the co-founder of the Ngrave band, Navrave‘and Hendrickxwho lost their cryptocurrencies as a result of hacking activities. Searching for existing security solutions unsuccessfully, the company decided to create something on its own.

In April 2018, the team started working on a prototype using raspberry Pi. A device consisting of a single circuit that was invented to support computer science learning. The group of people responsible for the project included many world-class specialists, including Jean-Jacques Quisquater as an advisor.

Quisquater is a respected specialist in the field of cryptography. He is commonly quoted in “Bitcoin whitepaper“. So what does it contribute to the development of the secure NGRAVE ZERO wallet?

“Jean-Jacques is closely involved in exposing and resolving potential security threats, even those most do not recognize at first glance. As he has contributed to the development of many security projects, including those carried out by secret government institutions, he knows his stuff like no one else. He is also one of the minds on our team that helps us think ahead. “

Specification NGRACE ZERO

The great advantage of ZERO is the fact that the device is completely offline, which means that it does not connect to 4g, WiFi, USB and Bluetooth. Instead, communication between the device and the application installed on the phone takes place only by exchanging codes QR. These, on the other hand, do not contain any data about users’ private keys.

Moreover, the keys generated by the Perfect Key system have, for additional security, elements of biometric data, such as fingerprints.

In the event that the physical device falls into the wrong hands, ZERO also has some additional safeguards.

If someone tries to get inside the device, the user will be informed immediately. Then, if someone managed to crack the code, the device has mechanisms to detect the threat. When this happens, ZERO will automatically delete all keys.

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