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September 18, 2020
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Online Debate: Will Bitcoin Halving Bring a Bull Market? – Blocksats

To the third in history halvingu Bitcoin there is not much time left. How Halving will affect course Bitcoin? Will reducing the mining reward make Bitcoin mining no longer profitable? You will know the answers to these and related questions during the debate with experts, to which we, together with the BitBay exchange, cordially invite you.

The debate will take place in the form of live on Facebook, May 8 at 19:30: Join the discussion

The debate will be attended by:

Paweł Bińkowski
Editor in Chief Bitcoin.pl, interested in the practical applications of cryptocurrencies and technology blockchain. Participant and co-organizer of many industry meetings, in Poland and abroad.

Patryk Kempiński
Entrepreneur, specialist in company tokenization, blockchain project manager at ChainBox, cryptocurrency investor for many years, co-creator of one of the largest channels dedicated to blockchain technology Krypto Report.

Rafał Kiełbus
In the code BTC from 2011/2012. Forum moderator. Board member of IGBiNT. Self-taught programmer, bitcoin-maximalist, developer and blockchain consultant. Has many presentations at various industry events – always as a technological expert.

Jakub Mościcki
Individual investor. Vice President of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce and New Technologies.

Mike Satoshi
An enthusiast of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. An active activist for the cryptocurrency community in Poland since 2017. Organizer of the Kryptostok event – cyclical meetings of Podlasie cryptocurrency supporters. He dynamically develops his channel on YouTube and account @Mikey_Satoshi on Twitter. Creator of the “Bitcoin Pins” series. Author in BitBay Academy.

The meeting will lead Sylwester Suszek
Founder and president of the BitBay exchange. Cryptocurrency enthusiast and well-known entrepreneur. Speaker at many industry events and trainings for public institutions.

We invite you on May 8 at 19:30: Join the discussion

What you should know before halvingiem Bitcoin?

BitBay has prepared for us a clear infographic presenting the most important information related to this event.

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