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September 18, 2020
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Paul Le Roux heard 25 years in prison Blocksats

Will Satoshi Nakamoto spend the next years in prison? It’s about Paul Le Roux. He is a smuggler and gangster who has just heard the sentence of 25 years imprisonment. He is also considered a potential … Bitcoin creator.

Paul Le Roux in prison

An American drug agency arrested Le Roux in 2012. He was sentenced to 8 years in prison.

After his capture, the theory emerged that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. It was his fake ID card, where the name Solotshi was.

However, Le Roux is also a brilliant computer scientist. For some, another argument that he is Satoshi is that his time off would explain the mysterious silence of the BTC wizard.

Drug boss

He is also behind many crimes. It’s about bombings, shootings, contract killings, corruption, drug and arms trafficking.

Le Roux was born in Zimbabwe. He started criminal activity in 2000, when he worked as a programmer in creating an encryption system. Then he began working with arms smugglers. The Iranian government bought rifles from him. In 2010, he authorized him to gather a group of engineers who would be able to improve the army’s weapons system.

The alleged Satoashi tried, among others buy air-to-ground missiles and carry out a coup in the Seychelles.

“If Paul Calder Le Roux had the opportunity to clear his way through a bribe or murder, he didn’t hold back. He also used the 200-strong army in the hope that he would become the commander of an armed organization in Somalia. “

– said Judge Ronnie Abrahams.

He is also involved in the bribe affair of high-ranking officials in China, the Philippines and several African countries. This gave him some protection from politicians.

On Friday, an American court sentenced him to 25 years of imprisonment.

Le Roux said he regrets all the murders he commissioned. He claims to have mental problems:

“I don’t fall asleep at night. I sleep maybe one or two hours. I am tormented by the terrible crimes I have committed. I have no words to describe my behavior. I apologize to the families of all victims. “

These translations, as you can see, did not help.

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