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September 24, 2020
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Pentagon war game predicts Bitcoin-funded rebellion

Documents reveal that the Pentagon created a war game where players are rewarded in Bitcoin for taking down financial institutions.

The Pentagon created a war game in 2018 that foreshadowed a scenario similar to protests across the United States after George Floyd’s death. In the game the payment method used is our beloved Bitcoin.

The news was revealed by The Intercept, who realized the analogy between the game and the current situation.

Game history

The game was created by the Pentagon in 2018, well before the Coronavirus situation and the death of George Floyd. It is called JLASS, which means Joint Special Program for Land, Air and Sea.

In the scenario, the protagonists belong to Generation Z, born in the mid-90s, which went through 9/11 and the crisis of 2008, after the generation of millennials, and who lived their entire lives with the comfort of new technologies.

It is these young people, almost 30 years old, who around 2025 begin to organize a rebellion that starts on the dark web. And it’s called “Zbellion”.

The promoters of this rebellion organize themselves, taking advantage of the fear and insecurity of their peers. Anger is motivated by injustice and corruption. Leaders, the game says, recruit new followers in face-to-face meetings and then instruct them to move to the dark web where they carry out cyber attacks targeting institutions.

Bitcoin is your form of financing and reward. And it could not be otherwise, given BTC’s reputation as the primary currency, not only in the crypto market, but also in the dark web market.

But the Zbellions can also launder money. Its attack strategy involves the spread of malware so sophisticated that it is difficult to track.

The rebellion begins in Seattle, but goes global, reaching New York, Washington, Los Angeles and then the Canadian and European cities, to the United Arab Emirates, Russia and even China.

Analogy between game and reality

The Pentagon designed game was created for educational purposes only. But it is curious that he foresaw the strong discontent of the younger generations and the discomfort caused by the growing authoritarianism of Trump and his supporters in the congress.

JLASS cites governments that provide “erroneous or misleading information on official websites designed to confuse citizens and create distrust”, while citizens lose faith in traditional information networks. The scenario accurately describes Trump’s attempts to use social media to overshadow the truth.

The game refers to the scarcity of drinking water and the pollution of the water used, which caused the infection of half the population. Those who created the JLASS-P could not have predicted that, two years later, the Coronavirus would arrive to seriously threaten the health of the world population.

But it wasn’t just Covid that caused public anger in the US: Coronavirus was followed by the economic crisis that exponentially raised the level of unemployment. The collapse of the financial markets, which didn’t even spare Bitcoin, deserves a separate chapter.

This was enough to create a situation of insecurity. The bullying of the police officer who killed George Floyd, along with questionable statements by U.S. President Donald Trump, did nothing but light an explosive wick. And this time it’s not a game.

Source: cryptonomist

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