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September 22, 2020
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Peter Brandt says XRP collapse is imminent

Peter Brandt once again speaks out against XRP.

The XRP community has been suffering from the price of cryptocurrency for some time and the recent event when Tether overcame XRP in the market assessment does not seem to help. In fact, some big shots in the crypto universe opposed the currently fourth largest currency on the market. One such person is Peter Brandt.

In addition to being a well-known commodity trader, Peter is also the editor of the Factor Report and has been studying and analyzing market charts since 1980. In a recent twitter post, Peter Brandt spoke out against XRP in replying to a comment.

Is XRP a scam?

However, one of the comments wanted to scoff at an old Peter prediction. For his part, the commentator wanted Peter to explain why the XRP did not fall to $ 0.000000013, to which Peter responded categorically by saying that the XRP is just a rigged hoax and that the price will eventually fall.

In his opinion, all people need to do is wait and witness the eventual downfall of XRP.

… But big institutions like Ripple’s technology

A comment worth mentioning said that large entities such as Santander, Microsoft, SBI and Google joined Ripple.

With this, the commentator meant that, since Ripple is the controller of XRP, these large entities with large market analysts would not be inclined to join Ripple in such ventures, especially since Ripple has been getting support for XRP through through such partnerships.

If, in fact, XRP was destined to collapse, these big companies would obviously like to stay away from Ripple and its XRP-focused ventures.

The XRP price issue

Notably, the XRP had its problems, especially in relation to its price. Many feel that Ripple’s monthly XRP dumps on the market play an important role in lowering the price of cryptocurrency, and that makes no one happy.

On the other hand, some fervent supporters of XRP have firmly adhered to the notion that, with large entities joining Ripple, it is only a matter of time before XRP is widely adopted, which will make it very expensive.

Source: zycrypto

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