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September 27, 2020
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PKO BP vs. hackers: bank customers must be careful |

PKO BP’s clients found themselves under fire from hackers! Scammers send them suspicious emails with alleged confirmation of the transaction from the bank. The link in the message obviously contains malware that can infect our equipment.

PKO BP vs. hackers

As you can see, cybercriminals don’t have holidays. They attack clients of well-known Polish banks again. This time it is about PKO Bank Polski.

“Important information about a money transfer to your account” (original spelling)

– this is the subject of the e-mail that PKO BP clients have recently received. Criminals are impersonating a bank. The e-mail also contains information about the need to confirm the said operation.

Receipts are sent from fake e-mail addresses that suggest they come from the bank. Fake sender addresses can pretend to be an address, for example [email protected] The title and content of the e-mail inform about the transaction on the account, and the attachment indicates the transaction confirmation. Please do not open such e-mails, attachments and forward them – informs PKO BP in a press release.

In this case, we can already see what to look for when we receive a message from the bank: to the e-mail address (if the domain is similar to this bank, but not identical, we can suspect that we are dealing with hackers) and typos in the message and title. The bank would not indulge in the latter!

Hackers target

What purpose could the new hacker operation have? It is not hard to imagine it. Criminals probably want to install their own malware on the user’s hardware. This, in turn, can help them watch his movements in real time, and maybe even steal his bank account password or other important data. Using malicious files, they can also take control of the device, as well as the applications and data stored on it.

In any case, be sure to pay attention to such suspicious elements as the ones mentioned above. In addition, it is worth having an antivirus program on your computer or smartphone, which may turn out to be an effective protective shield against hackers. Of course, the most effective shield is always your own discretion!

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