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September 26, 2020
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PlayStation 5 and a Bitcoin scam

In the last few hours we had the event to present Sony’s new product, the PlayStation 5, but he immediately became the protagonist of a Bitcoin-related scam.

The presentation event of the new PlayStation 5 was broadcast live, where both games and the console itself were presented, and this in two versions: one with optical support and the other without, completely digital. The unexpected fact was that this event was related to a scam involving Bitcoin.

The price of the consoles has not yet been revealed.

What does PlayStation 5 have to do with Bitcoin?

Unfortunately, during the event, criminals took the opportunity and organized illegal activities to trick users into sending Bitcoin (BTC) during a fake event broadcast on YouTube channel.

The criminals did not improvise in the attack, as the YouTube account was created using the name PlayStation Live, with a clear reference to the original. The scammers also took advantage of the fact that the original live gathered more than 90 thousand spectators.

The criminals then generated an address with the word “Sony” in their name in order to make the scam more serious in the eyes of the viewers, in addition to using a photo of Jim Ryan with the words “5,000 BTC distribution”.

The PlayStation 5 scam

The modus operandi of criminals hardly changes:

  • A generous distribution involving Bitcoin (BTC). In that case there were 5000 coins;
  • An address for sending funds;
  • A minimum amount to enter the competition, starting at 0.1 BTC.

The address currently has 0.2 BTC so the crooks were able to collect something during the event, but it could also have been the criminals themselves who made the transactions to show other users, inducing more people.

Of course, it is a real scam where both the chat and the comment section are disabled. This prevents users from warning each other of the danger involved there.

As mentioned, the streaming continues to broadcast the recording of the event, so even those who haven’t seen the event live can be fooled.

Unfortunately, this is just another case of scams using this method. Recently, something similar happened at the Dragon launch from SpaceX.

The advice here is always to be vigilant and not to do any transactions or provide private keys /seeds for anyone who requests them. This happens on many social networks, mainly Telegram, where there are fake profiles asking for this type of information all the time.

Source: Cryptonomist

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