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September 21, 2020
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Poles’ savings are safe – claims the president of the Polish Development Fund – Blocksats

The government has extremely good news for us. There is no plan to reach for our savings as part of the fight against the crisis – Paweł Borys, the president of the Polish Development Fund (PFR) said on Monday on Radio Zet.

Poles’ savings are not threatened

Boris gave interview with Radio Zet. He admitted that PFR will now issue bonds to finance the 100-million aid program. It is not clear whether they will go to individual investors. – We do not exclude such an issue – added. In addition, we learned that the interest rate on bonds would be at 2%. annually. – But this is not reaching for savings – he emphasized.

Apparently up to 99.9 percent government support will go to private companies, and state-owned companies that benefit from it will “Dozen”.

We are building a system integrated with ZUS and KAS to verify online applications so that the money is in a day or two – Boris said.

During the interview, he repeated the earlier assurance that the government would not put a hand on the savings of all of us.

“Three weeks ago, one article was enough to close several branches of one of the banks in conjunction with a discussion” on the network “about whether someone would reach for our deposits to call queues in front of ATMs for 3 days. Of course, all this information was incorrect and after a few days customers returned with the money back to the banks, but causing such economic and social panic is extremely irresponsible. “

he spoke a few days ago.

What about the Polish economy?

Borys believes that there is also a chance that unemployment in Poland will not rise to levels that some pessimistic economists predict.

I think there is a chance that unemployment at the end of the year would not be double-digit – he said and added that “We entered this crisis with strong foundations and the lowest unemployment historically, record number of vacancies and employee market.”

It seems to me that all this means that we have the chance to protect ourselves against a very significant increase in unemployment above 10 percent. – he assured in addition.

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