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September 26, 2020
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Prime Minister: inflation will fall quickly Blocksats

The Prime Minister of the Polish government, Mateusz Morawiecki, is probably quite optimistic or curses reality. He believes that the economic coefficients for the Polish economy, which today may frighten us, will improve quickly. He meant, among others for inflation.

Prime Minister Mateusz I Optimist

I have very serious hope not only for macroeconomic and microeconomic foundations, to believe that unemployment will not be double-digit – Prime Minister said on Saturday in RMF FM. – The increase in unemployment will be lower than assumed by financial institutions from around the world just a month ago – added.

This is not the only good news. When asked about GDP, he said he hoped it would be lower than minus 4.5% forecast by most rating and financial institutions.

In turn, our country’s debt will probably increase by 7-8 points. percent. – I think it will not exceed the 55% limit – He said.

Inflation? It will fall!


However, we are most interested in the issue of inflation. According to the head of the Polish government, “Will sit down very quickly.” Apparently in the summer it will fall below the NBP inflation target.

Let us remind you that inflation in May amounted to only 2.9 percent. in annual terms – at least this is the result of preliminary estimates of the Central Statistical Office (GUS). This is the lowest level of this indicator in 2020, but this does not mean that we should be happy. Inflation could have fallen because the last period was a time of lockdown, when people rarely left their homes, they could not go to shopping malls (they were, after all, closed), and this could reduce the demand for products and services, and thus prices and prices fell. Now – after the frostbite of the markets – the situation may be the opposite and we will see inflation rise again. Anyway, in the longer term it can also be uninteresting – especially if you consider the monetary policy of central banks around the world.

Returning to the prime minister, he also assured that his government would maintain all social and social programs he had introduced so far, including the 14th retirement. It follows that the authorities will not eliminate 500+.

How can all this affect BTC? Growing currency corruption may encourage Poles, for example, to buy cryptocurrencies if they actually increase in value.

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