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September 22, 2020
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Rahim Blak split into 21 million pieces and is paying dividends for the second time. – Blocksats

This Thursday, May 21, Rahim Blak, known as a serial entrepreneur, will pay dividends to his investors for the second time. The idea, which aroused much controversy from the beginning, turned out to be a bull’s-eye. The person himself claims that at first he was not fully aware of the potential of the instrument he created. Today it turns out that it was worth it.

Tokenization today is nothing new, because thousands of companies have already implemented this mechanism. In case of RahimCoina, however, we are dealing with tokenization not of a company, but of a human being. Rahim Blak, fascinated by the idea decentralization, decided to divide into 21 million pieces. In this way, anyone interested who has noticed the potential in the companies and assets that make up portfolio Rahima can invest in this entrepreneur.

RahimCoin – a case study of human tokenization

The author himself says about the RahimCoin project:

I split into 21 million pieces and put up for sale. Thanks to tokenization, you can have a piece of me and earn from me. #RahimCoin was my first token, I was just learning how to create digital resources, I wasn’t even aware of how good instrument I created for you. By buying RahimCoin you will already receive a dividend this Thursday, it is min. 5%. per year.

The idea is simple and works. Instead of investing in any of my companies, you invest directly in me, becoming a shareholder in profits that I achieve thanks to all my initiatives, companies, work, training … The investment is safer because it has the form of a loan, which means you can gain a lot from innovative high-risk projects, I’m working on, but don’t lose it, because if you want to get your money back, I buy back my shares on the stock exchange at the price you bought it for. In addition to the annual dividend, you can also benefit from an increase in the value of shares. Therefore, the action takes the form of a loan, and the interest on this loan depends on the amount of profits I will make. Profits include my annual PIT:

  • Pit 38 – dividends from my companies, e.g. Edrone, Click Community, Sapiency, Mosaico.
  • Pit 37 – my employment contracts, work, appointment of a board, supervisory board and profits from cryptocurrencies and trainings.
  • Pit 36L – the economic activity of Rahim Blak.
  • Pit 28 – Real estate.

RahimCoin positively evaluated by FSA

This concept was positively evaluated by the PFSA. An investment based on personal tokens protected by cryptography and blockchain and legally protected because we rely on the loan act of April 23, 1964. The website contains regulations, KNF opinion, white paper and PIT for 2018.

Rahim Blak adds:

I believe that this investment is based primarily on trust, because the RahimCoin personal token is the currency of trust in me, my ideas, my diligence, passion and commitment. I need capital to build a large company, but RahimCoin is also the first experiment in the world I’ve ever done. There were dividends, PITs, KNF opinion.

This is a good investment because it is not an action but a loan. You can recover your contribution, sell it on the Kanga Exchange or the Waves Association, and holding it in your wallet you earn a guaranteed return rate of 5% + dividends that I get from my companies, and there are more and more of them. among others R edrone, click community, Copernic, mosaico, Kanga Exchange, Sapiency, Magnetiqa.

Profits will also come from my salary as CEO, share sales, training, speeches, cryptocurrencies and real estate. This is a diversified investment in a person, because instead of betting on one of my companies, you bet on the whole portfolio, and my basic salary will give you a return at least on the level inflation.

You can gain a lot if one of my companies shoots, and don’t lose because I earn as an employee. Not every company earns, every employee must earn to survive. This is a good and safe investment, positively assessed by the Office of Electronic Communications, the concept also became the basis for the Sapiency project, which received 2.4 million funding from the National Center for Research and Development. At first they laughed at me and in the future everything will be tokenized, many companies are already doing it.

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