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September 19, 2020
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“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Author Explains Why He Supports Bitcoin

Author of “Rich Dad, poor Dad”, he tweeted again about Bitcoin, this time explaining why he supports the new age investment tool.

Renowned real estate and gold investor and author of the nonfiction book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, Robert Kiyosaki, finally explained why he decided to support Bitcoin in the current economic recession and why he continues to buy BTC and tweet about it.

Real estate, gold, silver and BTC

Robert Kiyosaki often emphasizes the thesis that a good investor should invest money in the things he loves. He also does this in his books on financial literacy.

In his recent tweet, Kiyosaki said his support for Bitcoin comes from his initial interest in him, just as in the real estate sector, in which he started his career.

Kiyosaki tweeted that he has loved real estate since he was a child and then expanded his investments in gold and silver.

Previously, he tweeted several times that Bitcoin could be a good hedge against the current financial crisis, as the Fed continues to flood the economy with “fake” (newly printed) dollars.

Kiyosaki usually suggests that his readers find what they love, study and then invest in those things.

Another active Bitcoin supporter, Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Jason Williams, recently admitted that his list of favorite investment tools is similar to that of Robert Kiyosaki.

Kiyosaki on US riots and racism issues

In one of his recent tweets, the investment guru also commented on the acts of social unrest that are taking place in the US and starting to spread across Europe as well.

The protest triggered after the death of African American George Floyd due to police brutality.

The protests turned into chaos and resulted in the ordering of a state of emergency in New York City recently, after many luxury stores were looted. Small business outlets also suffered.

Kiyosaki admitted that the issue of racism exists and that he himself has witnessed this happen to dark-skinned people in the past.

However, the investor said that racism inspired him to become a better person and urged his followers to use protests to become more noble people.

Source: U.Today

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