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September 22, 2020
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Roger Ver: Stop using police money Blocksats

The investor, known as “Bitcoin Jesus,” Roger Ver, called on people to start using cryptocurrencies instead of “police money.” According to him, this is how you can express your opposition to the corrupt justice system.

Stop supporting the financial system

Bitcoin.com founder and executive president Roger Ver published a YouTube video on June 3. He claims that the best way to prevent police injustice is to stop participating in the financial system that supports it. Ver said:

“I think that the best way for anyone to help prevent injustice in the future is to stop using their money. Stop using the dollar. Start using cryptocurrencies and stop participating in their system. “

Jesus Bitcoin, Roger Ver: “Give up the US dollar”

Roger Ver, gained the nickname “Bitcoin Jesus” because of early support for Bitcoin and many cryptocurrency startups. In the published film, he referred to his own past experience in which he was defeated by the American justice system.

In the film, he said he did not respect the police or the prosecutor’s office and called on others like him to stop funding their activities. Ver voluntarily gave up his US citizenship in 2014, becoming a citizen of the Caribbean nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

“If you don’t think the police are doing a good job in security and service – which is another lie – stop paying them their salaries. Stop paying for them – and the way you can do that is to stop using their money. “

– as Ver.

Replace “police money” with cryptocurrencies

Roger Ver, who is a Bitcoin Cash supporter, has not shown any favoritism as to which cryptocurrency people should use. He said:

“We live in an age of cryptocurrency. Choose any one – it can be Bitcoin Cash, it can be Bitcoin, it can be Ethereum. It doesn’t matter which one. Choose one of them and start using it. “

.Ver suggested that people exchange for cryptocurrencies all the money they receive. He said:

“Start using cryptocurrencies for all your purchases. Every time someone has to pay you. If someone still pays you with “police money”, convert them to cryptocurrencies and start using them. “

Financial sovereignty as a remedy for corruption

Ver believes that giving people sovereignty over their own finances will naturally weaken power in financing unethical and illegal conflicts.

The latest video posted on the Vera YouTube channel focuses on his problems with the prosecutor’s office in the past. A film was released on June 2 that focused on corruption in the police. The next governmental institution on the Jesus Bitcoin list is the Motor Vehicle Department (DMV).

Ver ended his story by adding:

“If you are opposed to police brutality and government corruption … stop funding them. Stop using “their money”. We have an alternative, it’s called cryptocurrency. Start using it today. “

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