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September 22, 2020
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Ron Paul demands US economic reform and a departure from Keynesianism – Blocksats

Ron Paul, a former US presidential candidate and American politician known for his extreme economic liberalism, strongly criticizes the authorities for what they are doing to overcome the coronavirus epidemic. By the way, as usual, criticizes the Fed.

Ron Paul calls for rebellion and reform

“The order to stay at home and stop the economy completely because of the coronavirus, this self-destructive hysteria, must finally end, and we must regain freedom and freedom. (…) Americans should remember the tyrants who closed them the next time they go to the ballot boxes. “

– Ron Paul said a few days ago in his weekly video report.

For this now using social media strongly criticizes Fed policy. He believes that we are currently observing a short-term increase in shares, but this should not obscure the picture and cover up the bad influence of the central bank’s activities on the economy. According to Paul, currently used Keynesian ideas, such as market interventions and money printing, are “Un-American.”

“The stock market, even if it increases, cannot hide the damage done. A virus that is known to be less lethal than seasonal flu cannot be a legitimate excuse. “

– he wrote.

He believes that looking at all this we should come to the conclusion that “It’s time to rebuild [rynku] with American ideas of freedom and healthy money. “

Bitcoin in the new system

Paul mentioned two years ago that the US should reform its economic system. As part of the debate at the Mises Institute, he said then that the challenge for the rulers was to create a monetary unit that could be easily convertible into something valuable, i.e. gold. Already then, he claimed that it was necessary to quickly discuss the inclusion of ores in the new system and maybe even BTC. He generally stressed that kryptowaluty may complement the gold standard that should be returned.

He was also quite skeptical about the use of technology blockchaina by politicians, because he believed that it could be used by the government to strengthen its influence, which in his opinion would be an even greater threat to citizens.

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