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September 20, 2020
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Rowling confirms buying cryptocurrency, but it wasn’t Bitcoin

JK Rowling at an endless party in the crypto world.

It was a three-day party on JK Rowling’s Twitter timeline, with thousands of comments from her followers about Bitcoin. Well, after talking a lot about Bitcoin, JK Rowling this time claims to have cryptocurrency, but that it would not be Bitcoin, but the second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum (ETH).

The BTC conversation brought several billionaires into the conversation, including Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who revealed his Bitcoin holdings in the process.

JK Rowling jokingly claims to have Ethereum

Ethereum is JK Rowling’s latest asset in the timeline and has already attracted some big names to the conversation. In response to a crypto publication about JK Rowling’s ability to own BTC, the author said:

“This is getting silly. I’m not joining the Bitcoin community. ”

She couldn’t miss the chance to troll the cryptocurrency community again, this time joking that she owns it is Ethereum.

“This is getting silly. I’m not entering the Bitcoin community. It should be perfectly obvious by now that I have been scouring Bitcoin in the hope of increasing my holdings in Ethereum. ”

She points out at the end that it’s just a joke.

After Vitalik’s weak response to JKR’s Bitcoin question, it may be time for him to explain the intricacies of smart contracts and Defi projects. Or should I? For now, JKR is saturated on the subject, despite the crowds still trying to feed her Bitcoin’s agenda.

A bright future?

Is this situation getting ugly for Bitcoin or is it really helping Twitter users learn about cryptocurrencies and BTC? When the dust settles, JK Rowling’s current move into the world of cryptocurrencies will certainly bring a positive result to the crypto.

The usefulness of Bitcoin may be good in itself to capture the attention of the masses, but what really matters is that the population understands the system that made these billionaires, and then Bitcoin or whatever else there may be in the future will be benefited.

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