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September 24, 2020
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Safe saving will become more difficult from May – Blocksats

From May the interest rate on treasury bonds will be lower. This will make safe saving very difficult. When we add to this inflation, it may turn out that some investors will start looking for more risky assets to save their savings.

Safe saving is much more difficult

We learn from the HRE Investments study that banks have deteriorated their deposit offer. Interest is often already below 1%. per year!

So maybe it’s worth getting interested in buying treasury bonds? Neither, because for them the interest rate in April is only 1.5 percent. or 2.1 percent per year. From May it has fallen to 0.5 percent. per year for 3-month bonds and 1.0% for 2-year bonds.

Short and to the point: safe saving from May will be very difficult. We should remember that in the background we also have rising inflation.

The bonds will not protect us from inflation

“By investing money in bonds, inflation should also be taken into account. According to HRE Investments estimates, from May popular fixed-rate bonds: 3-month and 2-year bonds will protect the purchasing power of money only when prices rise by a modest 0.4 percent, respectively. or 0.8 percent per year. And according to the latest CSO data for March, prices have risen by 4.6 percent over the past year. And although there are more and more forecasts saying that prices in stores will grow more slowly, anyway the latest bond offer may not save us from inflation

– explains money.pl.

What does this mean for investors? Well, the fact that they will have to strain much more to earn in times of crisis, or at least preserve the buying value of their savings. Inflation for a reason it is considered a hidden tax.

It is possible that gold markets and even cryptocurrencies will benefit from all this.

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