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September 22, 2020
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SkyRocket.trade has joined the Binance Broker Program – Blocksats

The assumption was that the Binance Broker Program was created to enable the most optimal trading conditions for users, the Binance exchange and trading platforms. A thorough audit performed by Binance allowed SkyRocket.trade to join the program.

The idea of ​​the program is to gather suppliers of matching services (such as Binance and SkyRocket). The cooperation of the two platforms provides traders with significantly better account management and settlements, as well as lower fees for trading on the stock exchange. On the other hand, the broker, i.e. in this case SkyRocket receives part of the commission from trade, and Binance acquires new users who are interested in high-quality tools available on the SkyRocket.trade platform (such as Trailing Stop Loss, SkyRocket Buy and Sell, which we wrote about in lessons). Importantly, closer cooperation between the largest stock exchange crypto, and the SkyRocket platform can reduce the threat of overload (by too many queries per second) on the stock exchange and gives priority to transactions from the SkyRocket platform. This is an extremely useful feature during high price movements on the market.

Binance Broker Program is not for everyone

Not everyone can become a Binance Broker – first of all, it is necessary to pass the audit correctly. The second problem is the limited number of places for brokers. In September 2019, the largest crypto exchange created this program with only 100 brokers in mind.

How much is more efficient trading?

SkyRocket.trade allows users to trade on BitMex and Binance using professional tools that are not available on the stock exchanges. They provide traders with functions that help generate greater profits, and sometimes even automate decisions as in the case described earlier in the pages Bitcoin.pl Stop Loss Walking. The biggest plus of SkyRocket seems, however, is that the use of the platform is free when you register with the HotFile.com – in this way you can trade using professional and effective tools without additional costs. SkyRocket.trade activity is based only on the commission from Binance so it does not burden users.

More profits for traders

SkyRocket.trade returns 5% trade fees to all users who trade on Binance on the platform. This is an interesting proposition considering that we are dealing with a platform that has been verified by the exchange itself.

Traders League

One of the places where you can test your trading skills is the SkyRocket league co-organized with Coinscalendar. In addition to checking your skills, you can also win big prizes. The size of the main prize is related to the number of users who will take part in the league, but additional wins will also appear:

  • A gift of USD 50 for one participant drawn from the entire league,
  • 50 USD for the highest daily ROI during the competition,
  • $ 100 for the highest weekly ROI during the competition.

Try your hand at the league and win prizes at: https://skyrocket.trade/?page_id=6194

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