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September 26, 2020
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Steve Forbes: Bitcoin is our call for help Blocksats

The character of Steve Forbes has not yet appeared on our site. We more often wrote about the Forbes magazine, which he himself is the founder. This time, however, it was the press mogul who said some interesting sentences about BTC. In his view, cryptocurrencies are a bottom-up form “Calls for help.”

Steve Forbes: a grassroots rebellion

Forbes was interviewed by the Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence. It turned out that he understands cryptocurrency ideas better than most politicians. He described BTC as “Technologically advanced call for help”, which in turn follows from “The instability of money printed today by the government.”

Let it not be so rosy, he criticized the volatility of the exchange rate, which is the biggest problem of cryptocurrencies. He vividly compared BTC to something of a variable form: in his opinion, something that looks delicious one day “steak”but the second one is like “Dog Food”.

Steve Forbes also doesn’t think that BTC supply is limited is a good thing. He found many members of the cryptocurrency community “He made the mistake of thinking that limiting supply would create value.”

Why is BTC popular in Venezuela?

There has also been a topic of cryptocurrency popularity in countries such as Venezuela and Syria, which have monetary problems and their economy is destroyed by hyperinflation. Forbes believes that the attractiveness of BTC in the eyes of the citizens of such countries is actually an attempt to revolt the latter against the unsuccessful economic policy of the local politicians, and not the effect of BTC’s advantages.

After all, the businessman thinks that the mass adoption of digital currencies is real, but first someone has to make it “Cryptocurrencies must be extremely easy and trouble-free to use.” For this they must become stable in terms of exchange rate.

After all, using all the power of the mind, someone will do it – he adds. Sam sees the potential in this field of projects such as Facebook Libra and even Amazon itself.

However, Forbes has no illusions: authorities will stand in the way of the cryptocurrency environment. He believes that politicians are able to do a lot to stop adoption, and projects like Libra “They did not receive government approval.”

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