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September 18, 2020
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Suzhou, a Chinese city, will build a blockchain notary system | Blocksats

Suzhou, China, wants to start a blockchain pilot program. The new system would allow the use of real-time notary records tracking throughout the country.

Suzhou – a new blockchain city in China

Local Media informthat a pilot based on blockchain technology will provide a wide range of notary services in Suzhou. According to China Quality News, the city authorities announced on June 5 that this program will ultimately help millions of citizens access legal and government offices over the internet.

The pilot platform, created by Suzhou Municipal Market Surveillance Bureau and Suzhou Municipal Justice Bureau, is to provide support for a wide range of matters regarding “Property rights and many more” issues.

How it’s working?

All materials in the system will be available to citizens via the cloud. Audio and video recordings will be made available to notaries for legal purposes, which will facilitate the use of real-time tracking.

The network has been called Suzhou notary chain. It will also allow law enforcement authorities to use the online notary registration system. All legal processes will be real to be carried out online thanks to shared files on the platform that will be placed in the cloud.

Unlike the conventional method of storing audio and video files in a law enforcement database, a blockchain-based notary service platform will process almost anything – many legal processes. This will guarantee “Easy data storage, high security, no manipulation and traceability, which will improve the transparency of administrative law enforcement.”

Blockchain adoption status in China

China continues to take the necessary steps to adopt blockchain technology nationwide and implement related systems in various sectors of the economy.

The media recently wrote about a pilot program launched in Hainan, which aims to strengthen cross-border payments using blockchain technology. On June 2, Chinese authorities also published a plan to make Hainan the so-called an island of free trade, which encourages investors to use blockchain in various economic or legal processes.

In addition, digital yuan tests are still underway.

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