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September 18, 2020
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Swiss group created to support new blockchain companies |

A new group has been formed to promote research and support blockchain companies.

Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association

Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association was established in collaboration with the University of Southern Switzerland, also known as Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI), and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI).

The group’s goal is to support research and companies in the blockchain sector and to promote scientific research in the field of this technology.

The other members of the group are Bitcoin.com, Copernicus Holdings, Eligma, Euronovate, Eventboost, Pangea Blockchain Fund, Poseidon Group, Quadrans Foundation, StrongBlock.io, Superflat and the Swiss Blockchain Consortium.

“Blockchain is a technology widely discussed today. It is often said, as with the advent of the Internet, that this technology can change many things directly affecting different sectors by improving supply chains, financial and payment systems, notary firms, business processes and governments. These are time-consuming processes that require research, new skills, training, investment, experimentation and a change of mentality. ‘

The group added that the growing interest in blockchain has prompted academia and private companies to consider creating a study in this technology and encouraging new blockchain companies to create new jobs for skilled workers.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Switzerland

At the end of July, we reported that due to the massive growth of stablecoins in 2020, the cryptocurrency community founded the International Stablecoin Association in Switzerland. Called the World Stablecoin Association, or WSA, an organization based in Geneva, it is to be launched by the cryptocurrency exchange – VirgoX and the blockchain company Global Digital Assets, or GDA Capital.

Two weeks ago, we learned that Atupri Health Insurance has started cooperation with the cryptocurrency financial company Bitcoin Suisse. The cooperation is aimed at enabling payments in BTC and ETH for 200,000 clients using the insurer’s services. Bern-based Atupri will not own any digital assets itself. It will receive payments in Swiss francs after Bitcoin Suisse exchanges BTC or ETH.

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