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July 11, 2020
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Technical analysis of the Bitcoin + ETH, BHC, LTC and XRP course Blocksats

As every Tuesday, we have for you another expert technical analysis of cryptocurrencies prepared by Graphław from Coinquista Labs. What awaits Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and XRP courses in the near future? Below you will find an analysis of the BTC course, and on the official Coinquista blog you can read the analysis of other digital assets: ETH, BCH, LTC and XRP.

LINK for analyzing the remaining digital moment: https://blog.coinquista.com/analiza-techniczna-kryptowalut-16-06-2020/

Looking at the quotations of the oldest of virtual currencies, we will notice that the price of BTC has fallen over recent days from the area of ​​horizontal resistance of USD 9,900 to around USD 8,900, where there is horizontal support and an upward trend line. It was there that yesterday there was a demand response. So, if the increases lasting for several hours continue, we could expect to test again around USD 9,900 or even USD 10,400 in the near future. However, only a permanent overcoming of this second level could open the way for greater appreciation.

LINK for analyzing the remaining digital moment: https://blog.coinquista.com/analiza-techniczna-kryptowalut-16-06-2020/

We remind you that on the Coinquist crypto exchange market for 90 days from registration, all users can trade without commission! How to register on the stock exchange, you will learn from this article: Coinquista Registration.

About Graphław:
His name comes from the words: Chart- (from “stock charts”), and -fame (from “fame”), which is the one who praises stock charts. He gives away history traders expert analyzes of company stock prices, fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Traders from four parts of the world come to him for advice of the highest importance: Buy? Sell? Should you breed? It was not easy, but the Coinquista Labs team, somehow managed to convince him to share his professional analysis with Blocksats readers. Let his charts look after you!

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