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September 22, 2020
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The adult movie portal wants to reward users with its tokens – Blocksats

The PornVisory project plans to reward its users tokens in exchange for watching pornography on his platform.

token for watching porn

PornVisory founder Veronica Noschese explained the mediathat there is a natural synergy between kryptowalutami and the porn industry. The adult movie market just needs anonymous payment systems.

It is worth recalling, however, that not all companies want to cooperate with websites with XXX films. PayPal has blocked payments for Pornhuba, for example. As a result, in January 2020, the porn portal began to accept stablecoina Tether as a payment option.

Noschese has now said that her company’s platform is inspired by the idea of ​​Basic Attention Token (BAT). Brave Browser users – a privacy-oriented web browser with integrated adblocker – receive tokens BAT for enabling advertising options. Similarly, users browsing PornVisory content will have to watch ads (hopefully not during the broadcast of films, so as not to get lost in the story!), But in return they will receive compensation in the form of PVY tokens.

Inspired by the Brave browser, we decided to do something similar, but related to the porn industry. The idea is simple: users will be rewarded for watching porn movies and generally when they interact with the PornVisory platform – explains.

It will not AND WHAT

According to Noschese, PornVisory is not planning to conduct an ICO, but will instead distribute some tokens as part of its advertising activities. The project is currently financed from the own funds of the founders, but Nochese plans to seek financing from business angels when the platform becomes more popular.

She explained that she has been working as a marketing specialist in the adult entertainment industry for a long time. He wants to use his experience in the project. For example, it plans to enable – thanks to industry contacts – PVY holders to issue tokens in gadget stores or pay tips to performers on streaming platforms.

Mauro Baeli, CEO Deepit – the Swiss company responsible for the aspect blockchaina project – Cointelegraph said his startup believes that the ideas behind PornVisory have great potential:

“We believe that PornVisory will be successful (…). Application of tools blockchain certainly will take the project a step further [przed konkurencją]. “

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