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September 22, 2020
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The coronavirus crisis shows Bitcoin’s superiority over gold – Blocksats

The coronavirus crisis showed us one thing: Bitcoin has one big advantage over gold. Namely, cryptocurrency is still available to investors around the world. At least those who can “catch” internet coverage. The same cannot be said for the ore.

The coronavirus crisis shows a flaw in gold

You may have recently wanted to buy some gold or silver coins. Of course, you know that it can be done safely using professional stores. These are available online, so buying gold should not be difficult. However, it turns out differently.

In March – when the world was hit hard by the Wuhan disease – buying gold and silver coins was virtually impossible. Online stores did not have this type of investment products, and even if it was otherwise, they waited long enough, which is at risk during the crisis and interrupted supply chains.

In turn, on Allegro auction sites, coins were available, but at prices as low as 20 or 30 percent. higher than it would appear from the values ​​possible to read on the stock charts.

Today the situation is better, but the analysis of the mint offers shows that coins are still lacking. So if you want to invest in a historic safe haven, you have a big problem.

Bitcoin cannot be blocked

The problem with breaking physical supply chains does not apply to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. To buy BTC you need network access and a bank account. At least now, maybe someday, the latter will be eliminated from this process.

It is possible that some of the investors, irritated by the lack of gold on the market, will start buying BTC. After all, some ore fans were already involved in the cryptocurrency market in 2017, during the bubble …

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